2022 Most Reputable Companies

Global RepTrak® 100

In this year’s Global RepTrak® 100, the definitive ranking and analysis of corporate reputation for the world’s leading companies, we measured what drives the reputation of leading global brands and how these businesses are perceived across 15 major economies. In addition to ranking the world's 100 Most Reputable Companies, this report covers:

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What distinguishes the world's most reputable companies

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How and why global corporate reputation evolved in the past year

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Why Corporate Responsibility and ESG is crucial in the eyes of customers, investors, and employees alike

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Most Reputable Companies

360° view of reputation

The Methodology 

With more than 20 years of reputation research, Global RepTrak® 100 rankings are determined by RepTrak's proprietary reputation monitoring software. A company’s corporate reputation is determined using RepTrak’s Reputation Score — a score from 0-100 that measures how people think, feel, and act towards a particular company. Scores are determined by a combination of factors to provide a 360° view of reputation, including the most important elements of corporate reputation: ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance), workplace fairness, leadership, innovation, branding, and more.

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Spend time where it matters

7-Drivers of Reputation 

Reputation is dynamic. So, we turn to our individual Reputation Drivers to understand why and how global Reputation Scores fluctuated. These Reputation Drivers reveal how a stakeholder thinks about a company — encompassing what the public typically considers when formulating and interpreting reputation.

There's a lot to cover

Here's what else to expect



Organizations are getting better at communicating who they are but demonstrating weakness in fulfilling broader reputation goals.



ESG is only increasing in importance, and the public is only becoming more disappointed


Industry Benchmarks

Just as corporate reputation fluctuated from country to country, so it did from industry to industry.



News travels fast. Media and reputation have a distinct symbiotic relationship, influencing one another.


Reputation by Generation

When we look at Reputation Scores across generations, we see a distinct decline felt by all – aligning and slightly varying from 2021.


The World's Most Reputable Company

A deep look into the data to understand what earned them an award-winning reputation.

2022 Most Reputable Companies

Global RepTrak® 100

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