2023 Corporate

Benefit of the Doubt Report

Ever heard the story of the company that tweeted wolf? 


At RepTrak, this isn't folklore. Our 2023 Benefit of the Doubt data shows that stakeholders are tired of hearing the same old story. When (not if) a crisis occurs, you'll want to know the Outcome of this cautionary tale. 

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Happily ever after isn’t a guarantee in business.

Included in our reputation monitoring and measurement suite are Business Outcomes: the actions stakeholders are willing to take when engaging with a company. Amongst those Business Outcomes is Benefit of the Doubt: stakeholders' willingness to assume the best of a company if they were facing a crisis. But global Benefit of the Doubt Scores are down in 2023, threatening corporate resilience. 

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You reputation story is just getting started...

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Bibbidy, Bobbidy... OOF

It's not just Benefit of the Doubt, public trust is wavering — putting your credibility on the line.

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Holding out for a Hero

Having strong Leadership Scores is crucial to building Benefit of the Doubt after a crisis. But what if your leader is a crisis?

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The Midas Touch?

A crisis such as the U.S. bank failure may have reputational effects on others in the industry...