The Ultimate ESG Guide

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ESG: It's not just for hippies anymore...

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Ultimate ESG Guide
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ESG: So, like, what’s the deal?

Global ESG Scores saw a 0.8-point YoY decrease from 2021 to 2022, with individual Environmental, Social, and Governance Scores all decreasing. 


Power to the (working) people:

The Great Resignation & ESG

The overlap between Reputation Drivers and ESG continues with Workplace. Conduct and Citizenship are down in 2022, but Workplace saw the largest YoY decrease. 

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It’s the Stakeholder Economy, man

Shareholders want the financial gain of good business, stakeholders want their own benefit: good conduct and ethical operation.

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Damn the Man, then save the Earth

What keeps environmentalism less important than internal governance? Environmental gestures could be easier to dismiss because they’re less tangible.